self-care sunday

Self-acceptance at times has to be forced. Some days we have to get up and force ourselves into seeing our own beauty. Because there is no secret formula. There’s no pill to take, or a veil to put on. Sometimes you just have to flat out lie to yourself. And there shouldn’t be any shame that accompanies that.

Look at yourself square in the eyes and say, “Ok, so, today I kind of look like I just woke from the dead. But I’m a flawless bad ass.” Even when you don’t necessarily feel like it. Still, love something about yourself. Find the beauty in your flaws.

Learning to love yourself is a constant process.
Learning is a constant process.

I’m in a transitional phase where there are more question marks than exclamation points. But even now I focus on the questions around me because it forces me to reassess my self-love, self-confidence and the paths I’m on. But, I don’t turn away from the challenge. I just find little mental escapes that allow me a safe space to be separate from the chaos, so I don’t get deterred.

All in all, love yourself through whatever you are going through. It won’t always be your season, but just keep going. Love yourself through every stage. Everything that was meant to break you didn’t, thus the truth is you are a flawless bad ass.

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