Les Persienes

Can we go back to when you said you loved me the most? Back to when the stars in your eyes danced when they recognized my soul? I counted on you to hold the world up for me. And you did. I believe that anything we faced, we would conquer. Back then were the days you held my hands until the cold melted; when the sunbeams danced on your back through the slight opening from the solid wood Venetian blinds in our bedroom. All white. We fought, even over the window treatment. You wanted curtains, in my opinion, curtains were dated. But the stubbornness in you just wanted to pick at something because you know how much of a control freak I am.  Those curtains never stood a chance. Subsequently, I gave in. Automatic window shades with a subtle print, in the office. That’s what you selected. I tolerated them because they weren’t curtains, but you were proud to have “won” an argument.

Photo by João Santos on Unsplash

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